Inside youll find a variety of information about "Wisconsin's Premiere Mobile Karaoke & DJ Services". Well look at our overall services - - the sound and lighting systems - - how we entertain, and how we perform the music. Your entertainment will spend the greatest amount of time with your guests.  It will have the greatest impact on the success of your event, more than any other portion of your event.  But first, why should you consider us for your entertainment?

It's the one, single term that best describes Action21 Karaoke & DJ Productions. It encompasses our total show. We are recognizable by our world class equipment, our high energy "crowd involved" show, and the overall entertainment value we deliver. The performance is in a class all its own. In the new millennium, crowds continue to experience our form of professional, uncompromised entertainment. We have amazed and delighted audiences with our unique approach that is unmatched by conventional DJ & Karaoke services.

 Our experience is vast, and our ability to read a crowd unparalleled. We perform with your guests in mind, and with making those people enjoy themselves. Our most important goal is quite simple...make your evening a success! Trust your event to experienced professionals.

We are committed to quality, assuring success to our clients that want a distinguished, memorable event. It's why we invest heavily in world class, concert touring equipment versus typical "DJ stuff" that the local music shop sells. It's why we do more than just quote a price on the phone during our initial conversation. It's why we meet with you, in person, prior to the event. It's why we push the edge of creativity doing things uniquely different. It's the quality that counts!

It's the #1 reason why clients say they select Action21 Karaoke & DJ Productions.  Our energy isn't "fake" - - it's not created - -  it's real and genuine.  After you talk to us, and personally meet us, you'll realize it's our passion for what we do that shines through.  Customers tell us that this is the image they want at their event. 

Being "unique and original" is the premise that defines Action21 Karaoke & DJ Productions and is the driving force that started it all. Our goal has always been to project an image that is both "creative and innovative". Our success is due to presenting a high energy, class act that is unmatched by typical mobile DJs. Most DJs are "conventional" and lack the polished performance standard that we continue to set.  Creativity - - It's the single biggest item we can offer to our clients.

At Action21 Karaoke & DJ Productions we offer an entertainment alternative between the "jukebox DJ" and live music. We strive to do things differently. From the time we spend with you during the initial phone conversation, to personally meeting with you prior to your's all part of what we consider to be essential for success.

Our initial conversation with you will clearly show a difference in how we approach our business. That difference will be further defined when we meet for our "sit down consultation", 3-5 weeks prior to your event. You'll receive a "pre consultation" package that will help you prepare for our meeting so we can make the most of your time and ours together! We are professionals in how we approach your event, and how we deliver your entertainment the night of your event.

Our show is made possible by world class, concert touring sound and lighting systems, engineered and built  for Action21 Karaoke & DJ Productions. Our sound is known for its accuracy, clarity and power, while the lighting systems add powerful dynamics to the performance. We always carry Vital backup equipment to ensure non-stop entertainment at your event.

With our equipment and expert know how, we can transform singers voices where everyone feels like a professional.

We've gone beyond saying that we use "professional equipment", as so many DJ's boast about. This is concert Bose touring equipment, the very same technology that national touring acts rely on night after night. We are so confident in what we use on stage that you can be assured we wont sound or look like a regular DJ!

Action21 Karaoke & DJ Productions We strive to stay at the leading edge of technology to ensure that you receive the best possible return on your investment.

We specialize in a variety of danceable, fun, popular music and Karaoke Songs... whether it be old or new, well make a party out of it! We play the music that makes our crowds respond, rather than personal preferences. 50's, 60's, Top 40, Dance, 70's Retro, Big 80's, Classic Rock, Country, and Motown are our specialties. The way they are performed is our trademark.

The bottom line as performers is that we "carry ourselves" well. On your particular night, we are a reflection of your tastes.  Whether it be white shirt and black tie or a theme night costume it is all up to you.

Our equipment looks great for every performance. That you can be assured! You don't find ripped, scratched or broken cases/cabinets.



Action21 Disc Jockeys will make you feel, look and sound like a pro.  Our DJ's are experts at using professional mixers to enhance a singers voice. 



Action21 Karaoke & DJ Productions is a Licensed  Local Proprietary business and not a big corporation.  We do not claim to be the Best or even mislead you as to our size stating we're "Nationwide".  We just promise you that if you hire us for your event you will have fun!


We invite you to preview our equipment and set-up. Our equipment is kept at room temperature and out of the elements to ensure proper functioning at all events. Something this special demands a personal approach and we want to be here for you  when you need us. 



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