Don't risk one of the most important days with amateur DJ companies.  Action21 has the skills and the training to make everyone get involved and feel a part of your special day
. "It not WHAT we do - It's HOW we do it".
     Action21 believes that "you" should be the center of attention at your event, not the DJ service. We are part of your event and want your guests to enjoy the party we are about to create! We believe that it is critical to the success of the event that our performance be smooth, polished, transparent and professional. It is a sensitive balance that we strive for - - - including world class sound and concert touring lighting with a professional image, attitude and demeanor. Don't be fooled by DJ's that places an emphasis only on their cost. It is a combination of personality, quality and professionalism that sets the standards you will remember for long after your event is over. After all, our performance reflects upon you!