Sing along to your favorite music while watching the words on a monitor. You can be the star!

Karaoke -There is nothing more gratifying than to see someone come out of their shell for the 1st time and perform in front of an audience.  Or to watch a family members eyes light up as they hear their son or daughters singing talent for the 1st time.



Karaoke - began some 30 years ago in Japan as a typical form of entertainment for Japanese business people. They would drop into a bar after work, have a drink with friends, and enjoy singing popular songs to pre-recorded accompaniment. The origin of the word KARAOKE is a Japanese compound word, "kara" from "karappo" meaning empty, and "oke" from "okesutura" or orchestra.

Watch your friends become singing sensations, ad fun to your party or event, build company morale with a Karaoke Services professional.

You don't even have to know the words! Karaoke music is recorded onto CD's and the musical accompaniment sounds just like the recorded music you hear on the radio, except for the omitted lead vocals. Most selections even include background vocals. The words are displayed on a television screen facing the singer, and the words change color when they are to be sung. Remember "follow the bouncing ball" when you were a kid? Well, it's just that easy!

Our Easy to Read Song Books sorted by Artist & Song

Our most requested and most affordable service is our Karaoke With thousands of songs to choose from, your guests will feel like stars while they sing and become part of the entertainment. 

Action21 Karaoke & DJ Productions,LLC are skilled entertainers and will interact with the crowd and start things off for those that are a bit stage shy.  It's amazing how quickly the shyness goes away once the first song begins. 

Action21 Karaoke & DJ Productions,LLC  will make you feel, look and sound like a pro.  Our DJ's are experts at using professional mixers to enhance a singers voice.

Professional Song Books will be available for your guests to request their chance to take the stage.